Urgent Notice

Dear Patients,

Unfortunately, we are facing the worst NHS crisis in history with a shortfall of 12,000 doctors and over 50,000 nurses and significant pressures in administrative staff illness and recruitment. Not only is this a huge problem now and for the future but also for the enormous backlog of patients left untreated due to the pandemic.

Grovelands and Grenoble Medical Centre is not immune to this and unfortunately due to severe staff shortages across our three site set up we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close Grenoble Gardens surgery to ensure that we can continue to provide a safe and efficient healthcare service.

In addition to this, unfortunately Grenoble Gardens has suffered from some building structural issue which has led to some building movement. This has also led us to assess whether the building is currently safe to continue to deliver healthcare services from.

What does this mean for you?

This will not affect the number of appointments available to you.

Nothing will change in terms of process or the phone lines, in fact, we have added additional support in the phone lines to help manage queries in a much more swift manner. This is one of the many benefits of being on one site.

All services will now be delivered from Grovelands Medical Centre which you are all familiar with, we have not reduced the number of doctors or nurses’ appointments and this is purely affecting administrative staff. We will be able to deliver a much more coherent and safe healthcare service for you over one site.

Therefore, all face-to-face appointments, administrative queries will occur at Grovelands Medical Centre. The opening times of Grovelands Medical Centre are the same which is 08:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday.

When will Grenoble Gardens Site re-open?

We anticipate that the current shortage of staff due to illness and recruitment issues will likely continue into the new year but we aim to revisit the situation towards the end of January 2023.

We would like to thank you for your understanding but please rest assured that we continue to deliver the same level of service but just over 2 sites – 1 Grovelands Road N13 4RJ and 7 Natal road N11 2HU surgeries.

The Partners,
Grovelands and Grenoble Medical Centre.